The Vineyard is a church movement which began back in the 1980s and developed through the leadership of John Wimber

John Wimber once described the Vineyard Movement as "a family with a purpose" and this worldwide family currently comprises of more than 1500 Vineyard Churches throughout the world and with over 125 Churches in the UK & Ireland.

Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland (VCUKI) was formed for the purpose of joining together churches who hold common values and practices with the aim of:

"extending God's Kingdom together, everywhere in every way"


The founding couple for UK&Ireland, John & Eleanor Mumford, planted South West London Vineyard in 1987 having worked with John Wimber on the staff of Anaheim Vineyard in California for nearly 2 years. In 2008 they handed over the leadership of South West London Vineyard to concentrate on developing the Vineyard Movement in the UK&Ireland. Then in 2016 John & Eleanor transitioned the leadership of Vineyard Movement in the UK & Ireland to pay more attention to the development of the Vineyard Movement Worldwide, known as the Vineyard International Executive (VIE).

The leadership group at VCUK&I, headed by the new National Directors, John & Debby Wright, is committed to the view that extending the Kingdom is achieved through the building and sustaining of strong relationships among us based on love, openness and trust.

As well as the National Directors the leadership group consists of experienced Pastors who look after different parts of UK&I giving oversight, vision and support to the local church Pastors as well as facilitate widespread church planting. There is also a dedicated team serving on the National Board of Trustees giving advice on financial matters and governance as relates to Charities.

The Vineyard in the UK & Ireland is divided into 4 Regions with Regional Leaders and within the Regions there are 14 Areas with Area Leaders supporting the local Vineyard Churches in their Area.

Ipswich Vineyard Church is affiliated to Vineyard Churches in UK & Ireland, is part of the London and South East Region, under Chris & Maggie Parsons and part of the East Anglia Area, headed up by Mark & Louise Williams from West Suffolk Vineyard Church, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Our Area runs regular events which provides training and encouragement for ministries such as prayer, worship, compassion ministry and children’s ministry.

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