Within one month of coming to West Suffolk Vineyard Church, Chris Parsons, the Senior Pastor, asked us when we were going to Church Plant.

Interestingly we had always had a heart for mission work and thought for many years we would be working in the mission field in Africa as doctors. Paul had completed a year at theological college just after we had married in preparation for this time before returning to medicine and completing his training as a GP. However Church Planting in the UK had never been on our agenda until that moment.

Since that time God has been speaking to us about Church Planting and specifically about moving to Ipswich; we have met random people in Ipswich who have come up to us and told us how much they love Ipswich; other people have had words for us about moving East along the river and our hearts have grown so that we want to see the town of Ipswich blessed by the presence of Jesus.

National Leaders Conference 2009

It was at the National Leaders Conference in 2009 that God spoke to both of us independently about moving. We were reminded of exactly the same passage in the Bible from Isaiah where God asked him, ‘whom shall I send’ and he answered, ‘send me’. We felt the same question was being asked of each of us, ‘Whom shall I send to Ipswich’ after much soul searching and seeking each of us were able to say, ‘Send me.’ Then we told each other and were amazed that we had the same experience.

Coming to Ipswich

We are coming to Ipswich with a team of people, some who already live in the town, others who want to move. So houses are for sale, new jobs are being found and house hunting is ongoing. We are moving to Ipswich in July 2012, having sold our home in Bury St Edmunds and start new jobs in the town over the next few months.