Core Communities

Communities aim to bring people together throughout the week and on a regular basis. Meeting in different settings, for different activities, they create space to spend time together, encourage and support one another and build friendships.

There are three Core Community strands: Home Communities, Active Communities and Training Communities. 

Training Communities allow people to gather together for a specific purpose of learning and growing in practical ways.

Active Communities invites people to get together and invite their friends to spend time around a shared interest, whilst helping one another to find Jesus or deepen their relationship with him.

Home Communities are a chance for you to spend time with others, in a home or other venue creating opportunities for people to encourage each other in their relationship with Jesus, through hearing each other's stories; exploring and applying the Bible to our lives, have fun, worship and pray together.

Sign-up for our new Core Communities opens on 6th January 2021 and groups start from Monday 11th January

Sign up below or via my church suite, by email or completing a form on Sunday at church and handing it into someone from the welcome team.