Find Jesus

Do you know Jesus?

Are you on a journey of finding him?  Or maybe you want to become more like him?

We believe that Jesus wants a relationship with us all, whatever our colour, race, creed, age, gender, or past and present situations are.  We believe he is gathering a community of people in this generation to express their love to him through their worship, service and passion to him.

The Bible speaks of the church as being the bride of Christ

However, the reputation of the Jesus and his Church has become tarnished - the Church is accused of being

It was through Jesus's life, death and resurection that we can experience his love for us, building community - Church - together and briging his life to all around us.

He longs for each of us to come to him and waits patiently for us, always ready to respond to our knocking on his door.

If you want to find out more about Jesus, then come along to our Sunday Services or check out a Core Community Group.

The Vineyard Statement of Faith clearly outlines the theology and doctrine that Ipswich Vineyard Church adheres to.