Did you know that doing somethings for someone else makes you feel happier?

No kidding!  Research suggests that if people give out to others with their time they feel happier and better about themselves.

Funny - the Bible tells us exactly the same thing.

There are lots of opportunities at Ipswich Vineyard Church where you can serve with other people in a team.  It may be that you want to help out on a Sunday morning, welcoming people from the car park to their seat; maybe you're a bit of a techy and enjoy setting up and running PA systems or perhaps you could help out in Vineyard Kids.  Other people would rather help out on an ad hoc basis with our parties or outreach events.

Whatever it is, we have a place for you, giving you an opportunity to grow in serving.  As we always work in teams you can get to know a great bunch of likeminded people.

If you're interested, then contact us and let us know which team you would like to have a go on.