Finding Freedom 2019

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  Paul Finn 5th May 2019 24x7 Prayer 2
  Penny Finn 28th April 2019 24x7 Prayer 1
  Penny Finn 21st April 2019 Easter
  Kate Pearce 14th April 2019 Palm Sunday
  Paul Finn 7th April 2019 Triumph of the Cross
  Jackie Wright 31st March 2019 From Condimnation
  Paul Finn 24th March 2019 Revival
  Paul Finn 10th March 2019 ???
  Paul Finn 3rd March 2019 Reconciliation
  Jackie Wright 24th February 2019 Forgiveness
  Paul Finn 10th February 2019 Reconciliation
  Penny Finn 3rd February 2019 Relationships
  Paul Finn 27th January 2019 Identity Four
  Paul Finn 20th January 2019 Identity Three
  Paul Finn 11th January 2019 Identity Two
  Penny Finn 4th January 2019 Identity One