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Kate Pearce 26th November 2017 Comparisons
Paul Finn 19th November 2017 House upon the...
Jacky Wright 12th November 2017 Persistance in Prayer
Paul Finn 5th November 2017 The Land Owner
Jacky Wright 29th October 2017 The Sheep and Goats
Penny Finn 22nd October 2017 The Talents
Paul Finn 15th October 2017 The Wise Virgins
Penny Finn 8th October 2017 The Banquet
Kate Pearce 1st October 2017 The Lost Coin
Paul Finn 24th September 2017 The Rich man and Lazarus
Craig Deal 17th September 2017 The Sower
Penny Finn 10th September 2017 The Kingdom of God is like...
Jenny Haggar 3rd September 2017 The Good Samaritan
Penny Finn 27th August 2017 Treasure